4 Clever Tactics To Gain Higher Google Maps Rankings For Improved SEO

Having your business appear on Google maps can be an extremely profitable exercise because people can easily find where you are based – whether they intend to visit you or even accidentally.

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Showing up on Google Maps literally puts you on the map for your potential customers. Not only do they know you exist but they can also easily navigate to where you are – reducing their frustrating and improving the overall customer experience. And when you’re doing well in Google maps, you’ll eventually benefit from better SEO rankings too. Here are some clever tactics to gain higher Google maps rankings:


Get Into Google My Business (GMB) With Top Keywords

Registering your business on Google My Business is a necessity. Your company’s name will not show on Google Maps until you list your business on GMB, but also make sure you list the top keywords to ensure you are easily found. Consider the following:

  • Make sure to fill in basic information such as the physical address, contact details, e-mail address, and business category. Be very precise when choosing your business category.
  • Try and put some photos of your company’s entrance, interior, and some of your products. This helps customers familiarise themselves with you and your business.
  • Add working hours and other details to make it easier for people to plan their visit.
  • Add keywords that are relevant to your business so it starts to come up even if people type those in.
  • Post engaging and creative content on GMB using videos, GIFs, or images to connect better with your audience.

When a potential customer searches for your company or industry, this information will show on the right side of the Google page and will potentially direct people to your location via maps.

Include Google Maps In Your Website

A good way to rank higher on Google maps is to include it in your website through the contact us or on any other relevant page. Consider the following:

  • Adding Google maps to your website shows the search engine exactly where you are located and adds a layer of authenticity to your offering.
  • Look through Google maps for your business name and embed the map into your website using the link.
  • Direct people to Google maps through links on other pages to create an interface that is more engaging for users without too much extra effort expected from them.

Google maps on your website can make a huge difference when it comes to getting customers to walk through your doors because not everyone may switch over to the map itself to find you. This will make it easy to find you without ever having to leave your website.

Use Reviews To Build Your Google Map Ranking

Did you know that Google reviews can ultimately help to push up your Google maps ranking and eventually your SEO? If you have good Google reviews from happy customers, you are bound to move up the results on Maps. Consider the following:

  • Get genuine reviews in moderation – a sudden influx of reviews may seem spammy and will hurt your efforts instead of helping.
  • Whether positive or negative, always respond to reviews with personalised messages – giving readers a chance to see that you’re a genuine business seeking honest feedback.
  • Link Google reviews to your maps listing to connect them for better rankings over time.

Google reviews are a good way to show users that you’re a trustworthy business, thereby boosting your Google maps and overall SEO ranking.

Use Social Signals

In today’s digital world, social signals help rank your site higher on Google maps. Consider the following:

  • Be active on social media, and try and get likes and shares on your posts for the benefit of search engines.
  • Acquire social signals by running promotions and ads with a link to your business website – enabling more exposure and traffic.
  • Consider buying a social signals service to build your presence.

Social signals demonstrate the authenticity of your business and will help you rank higher on Google maps eventually.

Higher rankings on Google maps will ultimately help drive more walk-ins for your business, apart from boosting your overall SEO rankings. It’s important to understand that this cannot happen overnight, so you must have patience to ensure success.