4 Tactics To Boost SEO Quickly

There is good news if you hold the number one position in Google, you have a 1 in 3 chance that a user will click on your listing. Bad news for everybody else position 2-20, you all have to fight over a 2 in 3 chance of a user clicking on your listing.

4 Tactics To Boost SEO Quickly

Now more than ever holding that coveted number 1 position is important to ensure the overall success of your business. With so much competition these days it is becoming increasingly difficult to get to number 1 and when you do, so many other websites are fighting hard to take that position from you.

Now, in general SEO is a long term strategy and results do take a bit of time to reveal themselves, especially for brand new businesses and/ or websites. But there are a couple of things you can do that will assist to improve your SEO faster then others.

So take a look below at some of the few tactics that will give you a faster SEO boost:

1. Mobile Page Speed Optimisation

mobile friendly websiteTrying to focus on too many things at once can mean that you aren’t optimising as much as you can. So it is important to focus on a few important aspects and do them really well.

One of the things you need to be focusing on is the speed of your mobile pages.

By now you probably already know the importance of mobile and why you need to focus on it. Google is indexing mobile versions of websites first, there are more mobile searches on Google then desktop.

The world in general is moving more towards mobile, so if you aren’t you’ll be left behind.

One of the main traits of mobile users is that they want things fast. This means your website needs to load quickly otherwise the impatient mobile user will go somewhere else. When this happens it damages your bounce rate and shows to Google that users aren’t having a positive experience on your website.

To check your mobile speed and receive guidance on how you can improve on your speed, there are quite a number of tools available online to try out. One of the best is none other than Google’s very own PageSpeed Insights tool.

2. Check Links


Internal linking is very important for you to do on your website. However, overtime links can get broken and if you don’t check on your site’s links on a regular basis it can get out of control pretty quickly.

Use Google Search Console to find all the 404 pages on your website and resolve as many of them as you can. The less error pages the better as it ensures users can find what they are looking for and search engine bots understand your website better, with it being clean.

As well as this, if you are changing URLs, merging pages or anything like that, you will need to do a redirect from the old URL to the new URL. This redirect is called a 301 and it also ensures that all the positive SEO work you have done on the old URL is transferred to the new one.

Another thing you need to check when looking at your links are the external ones. You want to keep as much SEO juice on your own website so when you have links to an external source ensure that it is a “nofollow” link. This will ensure that the effort you are putting into your own website stays within.

3. Target Easy Competitor Keywords

You should always be looking to expand your keyword list, so the next time you are doing keyword research take a look at what your competitors are doing. Then, there are tools like Moz that will tell you how easy it will be to rank for those keywords.

Update your keyword list with the ones that are most relevant and easy. Ensure you optimise your site and content for these new keywords and then watch Google’s result page as your listing climbs up the rankings!

4. Local SEO

local SEO map

Local SEO is becoming a major section of your typical SEO and because you are only focusing on a small geographic area you should be able to see results faster. Make sure you are focusing on local keywords (for example “car mechanic north bondi”) and ensure that your business is on online directories, like True Local.

Another good idea is to claim your Google My Business listing, as this is another way people in the area will find your business. Make sure your listing is properly optimised and has all the correct information. This is a free product provided by Google that many people use, so make sure you put some time and effort in here.