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Online reviews and why they’re important for SEO

  It used to be the case that the Yellow Pages or the local newspaper was the best place to look when trying to find local businesses for different goods and services. People would track down everything from the best local café spot, to a plumber or the local vet through advertising or reviews in […]

Why isn’t SEO widely taught at university?

SEO is a real skill, understanding the tools and methods involved in good optimisation takes a lot of expertise and considerable time spent keeping up with the latest updates and resources. A good SEO agency is invaluable to their clients and can represent a considerable return on investment as well as a host of other […]

How important is readability to SEO?

  If you’re wondering how important readability is to search engine optimisation, well the short answer is, it’s pretty damn important. Whilst you may be able to climb the rankings with a cleverly optimised article, there just isn’t really any point if it’s an incomprehensible mess. Articles have to be written for people, not robots, […]

Debunking SEO myths

There are a few common SEO myths or mistruths that emerge occasionally on blogs or amongst SEO professionals, sometimes they have a basis on past fact and other times they’re just based on mistaken ideas. We debunk the top myths in SEO below and investigate what real and what’s not.

Why branding is a big deal for SEO

Most businesses will appreciate the importance of branding on some level, it’s the face of your company after all, branding has a big impact on the ways your customers interact with and perceive your company. From your logo and business cards to the way your business interacts with its customers, branding is undoubtedly a big […]

How do I get my website found on Google?

It’s probably one of the most asked SEO-related questions: “How do I get my website found on Google?” However, when someone asks this question, the purpose isn’t just to rank in Google’s search listings. In fact, the question should be more appropriately focused on how one gets their website to rank HIGHLY on Google.

How SEO services are similar to the yellow pages

SEO, short hand for search engine optimisation, is the method of improving a websites traffic and visibility in search engines. Digital traffic refers to the number of visitors on your website. As information continues to move online to a digital medium, investment in SEO services increases.

5 Easy Ways To Improve Website Loading Time

Online users are an impatient lot. Ask them to wait for a web page to load and they’ve quickly moved on to something else. Poor loading web pages have severe consequences for companies – they reduce page views, drop conversions and trigger higher bounce rates. Most importantly, they hurt a brand’s SEO effort, which ultimately […]

3 Facebook Marketing Goals To Boost Your Business Online

Looking to build a social media foundation to boost your business online? That’s a great start, but you need to make sure you’re following the right tactics to achieve your goals. This guide outlines some simple tactics that can help you achieve some important marketing goals for your local business and SEO: