Why Invite Guest Authors To Your Blog

Why Invite Guest Authors To Your Blog?

Many companies and businesses now have blog pages where they information and advice on trends and happenings within their industries. And while having a blog on your website can be extremely rewarding, sometimes having the same person pen down a ‘how to’ article may seem monotonous for readers.

Why Invite Guest Authors To Your Blog

That’s why guest posting can be beneficial for your business – in more ways than one. Here’s why you should invite guest posters to your blog to unlock some amazing rewards: Read more

Do You Really Need to Be a Tech Whizz in Digital Marketing

Do You Really Need to Be a Tech Whizz in Digital Marketing?

Those with an interest in digital marketing may be daunted by the thought they need to be a computer coding genius, and be all up on other tech skills to break into the industry – which is certainly an exciting one in the current age of social media and mobile devices everywhere you look. But is this really the case? Not always.

Do You Really Need to Be a Tech Whizz in Digital Marketing Read more

How To Incorporate Infographics Into Your SEO Building Strategy

How To Incorporate Infographics Into Your SEO Building Strategy

Infographics are the perfect solution to simplify difficult topics because of the way they showcase information. Not only are they less focused on text, but they display strong visuals that draw attention and keep users on your pages for longer.


How To Incorporate Infographics Into Your SEO Building Strategy

Infographics are generally well-liked and shared more than any other content type on social media, which is great from an SEO viewpoint. Read more

4 Tactics To Boost SEO Quickly

4 Tactics To Boost SEO Quickly

There is good news if you hold the number one position in Google, you have a 1 in 3 chance that a user will click on your listing. Bad news for everybody else position 2-20, you all have to fight over a 2 in 3 chance of a user clicking on your listing.

4 Tactics To Boost SEO Quickly Read more

Time Saving Tools for SEO

Time Saving Tools for SEO

One thing many business owners do not have a lot of; time. So no matter what you are doing, you are always looking for ways that you can save time, while also not compromising on the quality of work.

Time Saving Tools for SEO

The truth of the matter is that when it comes to SEO, results do take time, so you will need to be patient in this aspect. However, there are some pretty awesome SEO tools that you can find online that will help you save time when conducting your SEO strategy. Read more

Conversion Copy Tips For Writing SEO

Conversion Copy Tips For Writing SEO

Do not underestimate the power of quality content. Content has pretty much always been king in SEO. The thing that has changed over the years though, is the type of content that needs to be created to capture your audience and be in Google’s good books.

Read more

How To Choose The Right Images For Your Blog Posts

Images, as a visual medium, can break away from the monotony of plain text. Even social media channels are showcasing more images than ever before because they tend to engage better with viewers as opposed to test-based content. Content is even more valuable when images and other visual components are introduced – especially from an SEO viewpoint.

Composite image of website page against graphic designers working at desk in the office Read more

google map ranking

4 Clever Tactics To Gain Higher Google Maps Rankings For Improved SEO

Having your business appear on Google maps can be an extremely profitable exercise because people can easily find where you are based – whether they intend to visit you or even accidentally.

google map Read more

The concept of technology the Internet and the network. Businessman shows a working model of business: Link building

3 Strategies To Build A Strong Pipeline For Link Building Outreach

SEO is an important part of any digital marketing campaign, and link building is an absolutely essential component of strong SEO. Managing existing and acquiring new links can be a challenge for businesses without the right strategies in place.

3 Strategies To Build A Strong Pipeline For Link Building Outreach Read more

PPC Management

Pay Per Click Management

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising are ad messages that appear above and alongside traditional organic search engine results for the most highly searched keywords. PPC allows you to get an ad for you products and/or services at the top of page #1 almost immediately!

A successful PPC campaign requires the careful selection of keywords relevant to your business as well budget management and good advertorial copy. A winning combination of these factors will ensure you maximise your ROI by driving customers to your website.

Let the experts at SEO Shark take care of your PPC advertising in New Zealand

Our experience and expertise in digital marketing means that we have an advanced understanding of how to effectively manage Pay Per Click advertising campaigns and ensure that they display at the top of Google’s search results.

What’s included in our PPC services?

SEO Shark’s Pay Per Click Management for New Zealand includes:

  • Finding the most effective keywords to target for your business
  • Discovering the best targeted location for your ads (international, national, local)
  • Determining an ideal bid price appropriate for your budget
  • Measuring the success of your campaign through analytics that track how users behave once clicking on your ads

If you know your business needs help executing an effective PPC/Google AdWords campaign, don’t hesitate to fill out our online application form or contact us directly via email or over the phone.

AdWords explained

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