Online reviews and why they’re important for SEO


It used to be the case that the Yellow Pages or the local newspaper was the best place to look when trying to find local businesses for different goods and services. People would track down everything from the best local café spot, to a plumber or the local vet through advertising or reviews in paper resources.

Online reviews and why they’re important for SEO

Times certainly have changed. Nowadays, the net is undoubtedly the place to go for finding local businesses. It’s faster, simpler and a whole lot smarter than trying to find the best local vet by searching the classifieds, Google is now the place to be. Google’s ultra-smart algorithms are excellent at determining just what it is that you’re looking for.

In the early days of the internet it was hard to separate the good from the bad, and determine exactly which businesses were legitimate and which work. Google now has many, many protections in place to help filter out the poor quality websites and ensure than only the most relevant pages appear for their users. One of those protections is their Google Reviews plug-in for WordPress, which helps business to build trust with their customer base. It’s been found that up to 84% of customers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations, making it a powerful tool for getting people over the hurdle of whether or not a business is worth their time and effort. Personal recommendations and reviews are one of the most positive ways for building a client base.

Google review system is an excellent and cost effective way of both boosting SEO and also improving customer engagement. It tells both Google and your customers that your business is trusty-worthy and high quality.

How can it help my business?

Google reviews are a powerful SEO tool. People don’t trust machines, but they do trust other people. When consumers see positive reviews and testimonials from other customers, they are much more easily swayed to purchase your product or service. Positive reviews can have an enormous impact on customers purchasing behaviours and can massively raise your conversion rates. The power of this tool really shouldn’t be underestimated; recent studies suggest that online review influence up to 93% of customer purchasing decisions. This is especially the case for the younger generation, who take reviews into account for almost all of their online and real world purchases.

It’s human instinct to want a second opinion or to try and gather as much information as possible before making a move, especially when it’s their first interaction with a brand. Reviews help customers gain familiarity with your company, helping them to feel more comfortable with their purchase decision.

Tools like Google have already built and incredible amount of trust and familiarity with their audience, combined with reviews for businesses, they make a powerful tool for building human connection with the people you want to meet. They’re also great for SEO, reviews tell Google if your business has a goog reputation increasing your sites ability to rank well.

Features of the tool

The great thing about embedding Google’s review tool onto your website is that you get a lot of flexibility over what you choose to showcase to you audience. You can refresh them regularly to show your audience the up to date status of your product or service or choose to curate some of the better reviews you’ve received.

Star Ratings

Google’s star rating system can impact on your position in the search results and can help users to quickly determine if your business is trustworthy and can increase you conversions.