Our Partners

Having over a decade of success in achieving page #1 search rankings for our clients; SEO Shark is well-established as a trusted digital provider that can help any size of business.

By providing a comprehensive range of digital marketing services including SEO, web development, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and Social Media Optimisation (SMO), we can help any kind of business achieve digital success in record time. We can assure the quality of our services through the multiple partnerships we maintain with the following platforms.

Google Partners

Google is the most widely recognised and used search engine in the world and has become synonymous with online search. The mission of Google’s platform is to allow users to find what they need online in as few clicks as possible.

As a trusted Google Partner, SEO Shark is able to take advantage of exclusive support tools and training in order to give us, and our clients, a competitive edge. Our partnership with Google legitimises our firm as a trusted provider of digital media and allows us to effectively plan and execute PPC AdWords campaigns on behalf of our clients.

google partner


Bing is another major search engine that is operated and owned by Microsoft. Originally launched in 2009, Bing is a relatively young but impressive search engine with a suite of added benefits that set it apart from its competitors.

Our partnership with Bing allows us to help our clients plan and execute Bing Ads campaigns. Only trusted providers like SEO Shark have access to assist with Bing Ads and this is essential in order to run an effective Pay Per Click campaign on this platform. Our partnership also gives us access to special insights and support training that awards us, and our clients, a competitive advantage.


Facebook is the world’s #1 social network and a huge hub of business activity. With nearly everyone using Facebook in some capacity, it’s become a highly profitable platform in which businesses can engage with their audiences in more personalised and authentic way, rather than just marketing from afar.

Being partnered with Facebook allows SEO Shark to provide our clients with an edge over their competitors with specialised training and support tools that are tailored for success on this platform. Our advanced ability to track performance analytics for our clients on Facebook is just another great reason to engage SEO Shark.

Facebook Partner