Social Media Marketing FAQ

I don’t have any social media account set up, can SEO Shark do this for me?

social media faqYes, we can help you set up accounts on all major social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Will there be any extra charges?

Our social media marketing packages have no hidden or added costs. Our Start-Up package will cost $199 per month and not a cent more.

How regularly will you post on social media on my behalf?

The appropriate frequency depends on the nature of your industry and your audience. Too many posts can annoy your followers and too few can make them forget about you. We find the optimal amount for your business.

For most of our clients, we post between 4-21 times each week. If you require more than 21 posts a week our team can help to organise that with you.

What type of posts do you make?

The posts we make on your behalf are always appropriate for your business. For example, if you’re a florist we might post content about buying flowers for special occasions. For a travel agent we might post content related to holidaying.

Where do you get the material that you post?

The content comes from a wide variety of sources in the form of blog posts and news articles. A lot of content is also created in-house by our social media experts.

If I engage SEO Shark for social media management, can I still make my own posts?

Of course you can! We know that you still want to have direct engagement with your audience when it matters and that’s why we allow you to jump in at any time and retake control.

What if I don’t like what you post on my behalf?

In the very unlikely case that you dislike something we posted for you, you can easily delete it and ask us to change our approach. With us, you still have full control over your social media profiles.